Order “Laund-o-mat at the End of the World”!

booksLaund-o-mat at the End of the World and Other Fringe Favourites is now available for purchase.  This collection of 3 one-act plays by Peter Gruner is being sold for $15.00.  To find out more about the plays, click here.

How to Buy:

  1. The easiest way to get this book is to order it from Amazon.com.  I highly recommend getting the book this way, especially for non-Canadian orders because of the shipping costs.
  2. Or you can buy the book from me and get it signed.  Shipping costs are $5 for Canadian orders and $11 for non-Canadian orders.

Canadian orders, please click here:


Non-Canadian orders, please click here:

If you want to discuss alternate payment/shipping methods, please contact me at peter@renurg.com

Thanks for your support!  You are awesome!!

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