Who Am I?

Who am I? I’m Jean Valjean? Uh, actually, I’m Peter Gruner. I recently started Renurg Productions as an independent content production company. Well, I created it as an independent “television” production company, but who knows where TV is going these days? And there are so many ways to get your “stuff” out there (like youtube, netflix, amazon, etc) that it seems a bit limiting to identify myself as a TV producer.

My dilemma is that I don’t have a lot of experience in the film or TV industry. Zip. Nada. I do watch a lot of TV and film, however…

Although I identify myself as a playwright, I have yet to have a play of mine produced by professional actors at a professional theatre. I do feel that I’m zeroing in on that goal, though. I’ve had one of my plays workshopped by professional actors at a professional theatre (Theatre Aquarius). And I have been a professional playwright since 2009 (i.e. I’ve gotten paid by people to put on my plays).

Originally, I considered making this website appear much more sophisticated and experienced to give the impression that Renurg Productions was a “player” in the field. But this industry is all about relationships and I’m a firm believer in honesty in relationships. I don’t like pretending to be something I’m not.

So, I am a newbie, embarking on this journey. I expect to gain expertise and abilities as my experience grows, I should also be able to leverage skills that I developed while working in IT for twenty years.

This blog will chronicle some of my experiences as I continue to develop as a creative producer of content. Currently, I’m preparing to direct my play Mommy’s Mask for the Hamilton Fringe (July 17-27, 2014). I’m also working on a rewrite of my play Out to the Folks (sorry Luke, I’m still working on it!) and developing my play Torn Coupons as a musical. And I’m developing a TV series tentatively called Almost Righteous. And I’m trying to find ways to get into this business and make some money!

My name is Peter and I’m a content creator.

Welcome to Renurg Productions

Welcome to Renurg Productions!

Renurg Productions is an independent television production company that develops scripted comedy series. The first project of Renurg Productions is a thirty minute sitcom created by Peter Gruner. Peter Gruner is an award winning playwright and is a member of both the Playwrights Guild of Canada and the Theatre Aquarius Playwrights Unit.

Other projects that Renurg Productions will develop will be plays written for the Theatre. Current plays that are in various stages of development are Mommy’s Mask, Out to the Folks, and Torn Coupons. Mommy’s Mask will be produced for the 2014 Hamilton Fringe Festival in July. Out to the Folks had a professional workshop at Theatre Aquarius in January 2014 and the next draft is currently being worked on. Torn Coupons is being developed as a musical with composer Steve McRae.

Renurg Productions came about through the Independent Television Producer (ITP) program which is part of Ontario Self-Employed Benefit (OSEB) program. The SEB program helps people start their own businesses while providing them with some support during the first few months of business.

Renurg Productions is currently a sole proprietorship with Peter Gruner as the owner.

Renurg Productions’ long term objectives are to continue to develop scripted content and branch into drama and genre (science fiction and fantasy) shows. Renurg Productions also plans to expand from a home based location to an office space, incorporate and have a full time support staff when projects that are being developed and/or produced warrant the additional growth over the next 3 to 5 years.

Future blog posts will be devoted to giving updates on the status of projects that are being developed by Renurg Productions and passing along information related to the business or aspects of running a business.  If you are interested in finding out more about Peter Gruner, please check out his blog at petergruner.com.